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Frog & Toad Press

Mystery Solver - Glow in the Dark Patch

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Channel your inner Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew and start bustin' those crimes!

"Mystery Solver" flashlight patch
Glow in the dark!
-2.15 x 2.75 in. Iron-On Embroidered Patch (but we always recommend sewing it on for longevity.)

Here are a few handy tricks for easy ironing of our patches:
1. Set your iron to the setting matching the fabric you are adhering to (cotton, linen, etc.)
2. Lay the garment flat and put a cloth over the area of the item where the patch is to be applied. Place the heated iron on the cloth and press down firmly for 8 seconds to heat up the garment.
3. Place your iron-on patch on the pre-heated area, put the cloth on top of the patch and press down firmly for 8-10 seconds with your iron. Turn garment inside out, put a cloth on top of the patch area, and press down with the iron for another 5 seconds.
4. Remove the iron and cloth, set the item aside and allow it to fully cool before handling.
5. Show off your sweet new patch to all your friends!