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Seed Magazeen

Seed Magazeen - A Magazine for Kids Who Care About the Environment.

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Seed Magazeen is a magazine for kids who care about the environment. Aimed at 4-7 year olds. Set up by Jack Snelling and Lizzie Lomax in August 2019, each issue explores an important theme, through games, puzzles, acitivites and more! 

Each issue is Risograph printed in two colours by Earthbound Press.

Issue # 9 of Seed Magazeen - The Activism Issue!

This 20 page magazine delves into Activism! Including puzzles, activities, interviews, A3 pull-out poster... and more!

Risograph printed with Earthbound Press on Context Natural 115gsm, in Aqua and Red.

Max Machen
Connie Noble
Rosie Smith
Kitty Kipper
Ellen Miles

Created by Jack Snelling & Lizzie Lomax

Available issues:

Issue 4: The Pondlife Issue!

Issue 5: The Mud Issue!

Issue 6: The Hedgerow Issue!

Issue 7: The Fungus Issue!

Issue 8: The Tree Issue!

Issue 9: The Activism Issue!